Our Products

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From Framework to Embedded Products, Beningo Engineering components and framework are available royalty-free. We offer a wide range of licensing options to fit any development budget.

Our Services

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Beningo Engineering understands what it takes to launch a product that is robust and high quality. We offer a number of services designed to help our clients accelerate the time to market. These services cover the entire design cycle and be tailored to fit the needs of the customer.

  • Architecture Design
  • Code Reviews
  • Design Cycle Tune-ups
  • Driver Code Frameworks
  • Firmware
  • Static Code Analysis

Our Training

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Our teaching approach is based on the belief that engineers learn by doing. For this reason, our courses are based on a low cost development kit with labs in nearly every class oriented around it. We offer courses as a move at your pace curriculum. Attendees have complete access to have questions answered at any time.