Embedded Basics – Understanding the Software Design Cycle

It is commonly thought that a developer needs to understand the language that they program in, the microcontroller and toolchain they develop with but this is a narrow focus of just the implementation phase of a project. In order to truly implement embedded software properly, an entire understanding of the software design cycle is required … Continue reading Embedded Basics – Understanding the Software Design Cycle

Tools – STM32Cube

Embedded developers today work during exciting times!  There are a plethora of tools at our fingertips just waiting to make our jobs easier and STM32Cube does exactly that!  STM32Cube is a configuration tool suite provided by ST Microelectronics for its ARM series of Cortex-M processors.  The tool is designed to help developers decrease development effort, … Continue reading Tools – STM32Cube

Bootloader Design Resources

I recently had the opportunity to talk about Boot-loader Design Techniques at the IEEE South Eastern Michigan Embedded Systems Workshop.  Boot-loaders are a fundamental piece of nearly every embedded system.  Microcontroller based systems use a boot-loader to mainly allow the system firmware to be updated without special and expensive JTAG tools.  Over the years there … Continue reading Bootloader Design Resources