Tools – STM32Cube

Embedded developers today work during exciting times!  There are a plethora of tools at our fingertips just waiting to make our jobs easier and STM32Cube does exactly that!  STM32Cube is a configuration tool suite provided by ST Microelectronics for its ARM series of Cortex-M processors.  The tool is designed to help developers decrease development effort, … Continue reading Tools – STM32Cube

Bootloader Design Resources

I recently had the opportunity to talk about Boot-loader Design Techniques at the IEEE South Eastern Michigan Embedded Systems Workshop.  Boot-loaders are a fundamental piece of nearly every embedded system.  Microcontroller based systems use a boot-loader to mainly allow the system firmware to be updated without special and expensive JTAG tools.  Over the years there … Continue reading Bootloader Design Resources

Simple Cooperative Scheduler Download

Fill in the below information to accept the terms and conditions of downloading the “Simple Cooperative Scheduler”.  This scheduler includes example modules for Cooperative scheduler algorithm (in main.c) Scheduler definitions (scheduler.h) Task configuration (tsk_cfg.h and tsk_cfg.c) Example System Tick definition (sys_tick module) Example Tasks THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY BENINGO ENGINEERING “AS IS” AND ANY … Continue reading Simple Cooperative Scheduler Download

Tools – The Raspberry Pi

There are many different types of tools that an embedded software engineer utilizes during the design process.  One of the least expensive and unexpected is the Raspberry Pi.  Normally during the start of a project great effort is spent setting up a new microcontroller so that new sensors, interfaces and high risk development areas can … Continue reading Tools – The Raspberry Pi