Embedded Software with Python and the Raspberry Pi

Design News course material on “Embedded Software with Python and the Raspberry Pi” can be downloaded by entering the information below: Description: Single board computers are taking the world by storm and one of the most popular is the Raspberry Pi.  These computers are enabling embedded engineers to quickly and cost effectively prototype complex systems.  … Continue reading Embedded Software with Python and the Raspberry Pi

Mastering the Embedded Design Cycle Templates

Creating embedded software can be a challenging endeavor. The experience can range from a well-defined and controlled process to shoot-from-the-hip Wild West-style development. No matter where ones development cycle falls in this range, there are elements of the design cycle that are or should be common to them all. These include gathering requirements, creating a … Continue reading Mastering the Embedded Design Cycle Templates

NXP Kinetis-L Framework Example

Developing your own drivers and API’s from scratch can be a time consuming but rewarding process.  Fill in the form below to download an example NXP Kinetis-L Framework that can be used to perform your own experiments and help you get a jump start on developing reusable embedded API’s.

Understanding Portable Types

One of the unique challenges of writing embedded software is that it requires the programmer to understand minute details of not only the hardware but also the programming language that they use to bring the hardware alive.  Sometimes the simplest of concepts is far more complicated than someone might suspect.  This is particularly true when … Continue reading Understanding Portable Types