Tools – The ANSI-C Standard

The ANSI-C standard is probably one of the most important tools that any embedded software developer has available to them.  The ANSI C standard specifies what the C language is, its syntax, behavior and features.  Despite being the foundational standard from which most embedded software on the planet is written, very few developers have actually … Continue reading Tools – The ANSI-C Standard

Embedded Basics – The difference of ‘ ‘ and ” “

Embedded software developers commonly interface with low level sensors and have a good understanding of how to work with signed and unsigned types but when it comes to strings and character types, many developers are easily confused.  Take for example using ‘v’ and “v” in a definition or as a function parameter.  Many developers would … Continue reading Embedded Basics – The difference of ‘ ‘ and ” “

Tips and Tricks – Introduction to ARM CMSIS

Microcontrollers have become extremely sophisticated over the last decade and developing firmware from scratch starting with the reset vector is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Software complexity is increasing at an exponential rate and causing developers to rely on and leverage 3rd party components at an ever increasing rate.  In order to ease … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – Introduction to ARM CMSIS

Tools – Open Source Circular Buffers

Circular buffers are a critical component to have in the embedded software engineers’ toolbox. Over the years there have been many different implementations and examples of circular buffers that have littered the internet.  I’ve grown particularly fond of the open source CBUF.h module that can be found at The CBUF.h module implements a circular buffer using … Continue reading Tools – Open Source Circular Buffers