Tools – The April Board

The April board is a break-out for the Imp Developer module. The April module provides the ability to power the Imp module using a standard USB-Mini cable, an optional battery connector, or through a standard .100 header. The April board also has an on-board 3.3V regulator that can with stand an input up to 17 … Continue reading Tools – The April Board

CEC – Driver Design Patterns and the Internet

Course Overview: Leveraging design patterns is a critical technique to quickly and efficiently develop an embedded system.  This course will explore driver design patterns through developing low-level drivers for the STM32L0 Nucleo board. We will explore the interfacing of common sensors to the development board, in addition to connecting it to the Internet as a … Continue reading CEC – Driver Design Patterns and the Internet

Embedded Basics – Values and Side Effects

Many embedded software developers learn to program for embedded systems on the fly.  The result is usually an informal introduction to the language that often misses key terminology and leaves gaps of understanding.  Let’s explore a few common C programming language concepts that are often misunderstood by developers. Often developers early in their career will … Continue reading Embedded Basics – Values and Side Effects

Tips and Tricks – Learning to write portable code using ANSI-C

Embedded software engineers should be interested in writing production software that is portable and reusable.  Societal demands for refreshing embedded systems every 12 – 18 months are quite demanding and starting from scratch for many systems is just not realistic.  As developers we really should be interested in working on the cutting edge and not … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – Learning to write portable code using ANSI-C

Tools – The Sandlot

The mindset that an engineer has about the work that they are doing can have a large impact on the success or failure of a project.  Many professional developers have grown accustomed to using “sandboxes”.  The problem with the sandbox concept is that it gives the illusion that the result of the work being done … Continue reading Tools – The Sandlot