Transitioning Embedded Software from C to C++

The C Programming language has been a dominate tool in embedded systems since its inception in 1972 but as compiler and microcontroller technologies advance, modern and object-oriented languages are becoming a better fit for real-time systems. Transitioning from C to … Continue reading

DesignNews CEC – Building your own internet connected plc

In this course, developers learn how to create their own internet connect automation controller using ST Microelectronics open development environment (ODE). We will also examine how a developer can update their controller remotely and use a mobile device based application … Continue reading

How to choose between analog hardware and DSP software


Designers of embedded systems are under extraordinary pressure to build solutions that are as inexpensive as possible. Just ask those trying to hit the 1 trillion mark for deployed IoT nodes! Most embedded designs contain analog components that increase the … Continue reading