In this technology primer, subscribers will get up to speed on how to design embedded systems using the new armv8-M architecture with the TrustZone security extension. This primer will consist of:

  • 52 weekly blogs
  • 12 monthly videos
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Video Topics will cover:

  • Using an FVP to get started with TrustZone (January)
  • Designing a TrustZone security architecture (February)
  • Partitioning secure and unsecure memory (March)
  • Securely booting the MCU (April)
  • Executing secure functions from user space (May)
  • Debugging in a secure TrustZone environment part 1 (June)
  • Debugging in a secure TrustZone environment part 2 (July)
  • RTOSes in the TrustZone environment (August)
  • Using the MPU to create a process (September)
  • Using a secure kernel (October)
  • Secure firmware updates (November)
  • Certifying application to PSA standards (December)

Additional topics that will be covered in the weekly blogs include:

  • The armv8-M architecture
  • The Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA)
  • Introduction to TrustZone
  • The TrustZone programmers’ model
  • How to setup a TrustZone project
  • How to identify secure “elements”
  • Developing a system security strategy
  • Security through isolation
  • Coming to grips with the SAU and IDAU
  • Tips for partitioning memory
  • Managing Interrupts in a secure environment
  • Microcontroller boot process in a secure environment
  • Secure boot solutions
  • Tips to create a trusted execution environment (TEE)
  • Straddling the secure and non-secure world
  • Understanding the TrustZone Secure Gateway
  • TrustZone API’s
  • The Test Target (TT) instruction
  • Special armv8-M instructions
  • Debugging in a secure TrustZone environment
  • Secure debug access
  • armv8-M error handling
  • Using the ITM in the secure domain
  • Tracing secure code
  • Strategies for using an RTOS
  • RTOS memory partitioning
  • Design principles for using an RTOS
  • Introduction to the armv8-M MPU
  • Creating secure processes with the MPU
  • Leveraging secure kernels to accelerate development
  • Create secure storage
  • Managing and protecting secure data
  • Securing communication channels
  • Security principles for TrustZone
  • Generating production images
  • Real world use cases and case studies
  • Additional resources
  • Going further

This is just a sampling of everything that will be covered during the subscription.

Subscribe Now – $125

Price increases to $125 after Dec 1, 2018

Technology primers are a great way to get up to speed on a technology over time without investing large amounts of time or money up front. It provides the subscriber with the ability to learn about a technology over the course of a year and build up skills for when they are needed most.