Self-Paced Courses
Real-time Software Using MicroPython – The Basics

The primary purpose of this course is to explore real-time embedded software concepts as they relate to Micro Python! The course utilizes the PyBoard (purchased separately from which comes with the latest Micro Python distribution already installed.

Bootloader Design Techniques for MCU’s

This course is designed for both newbies and experienced engineers looking to get a new understanding or a refresh on the fundamentals of bootloaders for microcontrollers. This course takes a hands on approach of tying key concepts with real world practice in the class room with a cutting edge Arm M0+ processor. A review of requirements definitions, memory maps, linkers files and much more are explored.

Squeezing the most out of battery life using modern MCU’s

The proliferation of mobile devices has led to the need of squeezing every last micro-amp-hour out of batteries. In this session, strategies for optimizing micro-controller energy profiles will be examined which will extend battery life while maintaining the integrity of the system.