Squeezing the Most out of Battery Life using Modern MCU’s


The proliferation of mobile devices has led to the need of squeezing every last micro-amp-hour out of batteries.

Minimizing the energy profile of a micro-controller is not always straight forward. A combination of sleep modes, peripheral control and other techniques can be used to maximize battery life. In this session, strategies for optimizing micro-controller energy profiles will be examined which will extend battery life while maintaining the integrity of the system. These techniques will be demonstrated and labs performed on an ARM Cortex-M platform but can easily be used on any modern MCU.

Course Overview

Session 1 – Introduction to Low Power Systems

  • Overview of Low Power
  • Identifying the problem
  • Understanding Energy and Current
  • Energy Profiles
  • Measuring Current

Session 2 – Fundamentals of Low Power Systems

  • Dynamic vs Static Current
  • 8 bit vs 32 bit
  • Calculating Power Consumption
  • Power Budgets
  • A low power example
  • Design Goals

Session 3 – Microcontroller Low Power Modes

  • Overview of Power Modes
  • Run Modes
  • Wait Modes
  • Deep Sleep Modes
  • Entering and Waking from Sleep
  • Examples

Session 4 – Software Architecture and Low Power

  • Overview of Software Architectures
  • Wait for Event and Wait for Interrupt
  • The effects of Interrupts
  • Sleep on Exit
  • RTOS Energy Minimization
  • Architecture Selection and Implementation

Session 5 – Energy Conservation Techniques

  • Frequency vs Voltage
  • Clock Throttling
  • Autonomous Peripherals
  • DMA
  • Compiler Optimizations
  • Energy Profiling Tools
  • Example Wake Code

The course is organized as a “work at your own pace” course which allows the student to either complete the course in a single day or split it up over the course of a week or month. The course is designed to be 50% lecture and 50% lab with a plethora of examples for real world use.

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