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Achieving those results requires a team to have the right amount and types of process in place to meet their objectives. Some common examples include Agile methodologies and DevOps. Teams need to define their processes Successful teams today have honed their processes and leverage Agile and DevOps to meet their customers’ needs.


Agile & DevOps

Agile is a set of methods and methodologies that are optimized to help with specific problems that software teams encountered. Agile is a mindset focused on helping people share information with each other, which makes it much easier for them to make important project decisions together. 

DevOps is all about improving the efficiency, speed, and quality of software that is delivered to the customer. To successfully accomplish such a feat requires the involvement of three key teams: Developers, Operations, and Quality Assurance. When teams discuss DevOps, they often immediately jump to conversations about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

While CI/CD is an essential tool in DevOps

It does not define what DevOps is on its own, even though it encompasses many DevOps principles and provides one path for collaboration between the various teams.

Four principles guide all DevOps processes:

  • Focus on providing incremental value to the users or customers in small and frequent iterations.
  • Improve collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. (These improvements can also be within a single team and raise awareness about the software product itself).
  • Automate as much of the software development lifecycle as possible.
  • Continuously improve the software product.

Beningo Embedded Group has helped
dozens of teams

develop and improve their embedded software processes including performing Agile Transformations, adopting Agile and DevOps methodologies.

We’ve done this in several different ways such as:

  • Performing process audits and reviews with recommended improvements
  • Holding process workshops
  • Training teams on methodologies such as Scrum and CI/CD
  • Helping teams define their process goals and metrics
  • Advising and consulting on Agile Transformations
  • Working closely with our clients to develop the processes that fit their needs

The Global ET software development process has improved as a result of your guidance in the area of source control and code analysis tools, your software design practices, and your approach to modular and highly structured software implementation. These have had an overall positive impact for Global ET as we continue to provide our customers with intelligent power control solutions. SEE MORE >>

Jacob’s experience with both the hardware and software side of embedded systems brought immediate value to the project.  He was a key resource responsible for integration of top-of-line sensors and user input devices for the proof-of-concept system.  I find Jacob to technically astute and able to not only accept, but excel with cutting-edge research and development projects. SEE MORE >>

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