Don’t get stuck drinking too much of your own Kool-Aid

Partner with Beningo Embedded Group to make sure you are on the right track and accelerate your success.

It is easy to get on the yes train and accidentally head in a direction that is not the fastest or greatest value add for a business, development team or customers. Using a third party to review, validate and push back can dramatically improve business, products and the way that technical teams build products.

Beningo Embedded has not only helped our clients save millions of dollars in project costs, we have radically improved product quality, reusability and maintainability. Our clients can focus on being an expert in their field and rely on us to guide them through their embedded challenges, keeping them up to date on industry trends and the latest and greatest technological innovations.


Transform your business and products with
the help of Beningo Embedded Group.

Beningo Embedded Group has engaged with companies around the world to develop and improve their products and businesses.

There are many ways that we engage with our clients.

The following are a few examples:

  • Business and Technical Advice
  • Code and Process Auditing Services
  • Independent, Unbiased 3rd Party Reviews
  • Industry Trends and Market Analysis
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • System Architecture Design
  • Technical Marketing
  • Technical Content Development (Application Notes, Webinars, White Papers)

The Global ET software development process has improved as a result of your guidance in the area of source control and code analysis tools, your software design practices, and your approach to modular and highly structured software implementation. These have had an overall positive impact for Global ET as we continue to provide our customers with intelligent power control solutions. SEE MORE >>

Jacob’s experience with both the hardware and software side of embedded systems brought immediate value to the project.  He was a key resource responsible for integration of top-of-line sensors and user input devices for the proof-of-concept system.  I find Jacob to technically astute and able to not only accept, but excel with cutting-edge research and development projects. SEE MORE >>

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