Our webinars are a great way for engineers and managers to stay up-to-date and learn new embedded software and management skills.

Our webinars are typically an hour in length with Q&A and occur at least 6 times a year.

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Securing the Connected Future: Exploring the Today and Tomorrow of IoT Security The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized our lives, connecting devices and enabling seamless interactions. However, with this increased connectivity comes the critical challenge of ensuring robust security measures to protect against cyber threats. In this webinar, Jacob Beningo (CEO Beningo Embedded Group) and Natali Tshuva (CEO at Sternum and an IoT security expert), will delve into the state of IoT security, highlighting real-life vulnerabilities and offering insights on securing IoT devices effectively.

By attending this webinar, participants will gain valuable insights into the state of IoT security and the challenges faced by the industry. They will learn from a real-life vulnerability and understand the technical aspects that make IoT devices susceptible to attacks.

Moreover, participants will discover key lessons to enhance IoT security, including the importance of robust coding practices, addressing multi-device interactions, implementing common security practices, and considering long-term support.

Join us for this engaging webinar as we explore the world of IoT security and learn from real-life vulnerabilities. Gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to enhance the security posture of IoT devices, ensuring a safer and more secure connected future.
9/27/202311:00am EDT1 hour
Modernizing Embedded Software Development Practices The techniques and practices used to develop embedded software successfully with limited resources are constantly changing. It’s not uncommon for an experienced team to feel uncertain about their project's success and fear they won’t be able to maintain the project long-term. Adopting modern embedded software development practices can dramatically help.

This webinar will teach you what it takes to deliver embedded software effectively and successfully. Attendees will learn how to architect their systems for scalability, maintainability, and testability. We’ll discuss what constitutes a modern build system and how to use Docker to containerize it. You’ll also learn how to leverage a CI/CD pipeline effectively to build, analyze, test, and deploy your software. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how you can monitor and debug your software once it’s in the field.

Topics covered in this talk will include:
• An overview of modernizing embedded software practices
• Software architecture design
• How to containerize your build system
• Design and implementation of a CI/CD pipeline
• Remote monitoring and debugging of embedded systems
10/25/202311:00am EDT1 hour