Free Embedded System Resources and Templates

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time, innovation and effort. Below are some free resources that developers can use to enhance their own development efforts and skills. All resources can be downloaded together or individually. To download, enter your name and email address and the resource will be sent to you.

Download All Toolkits

Why download one single toolkit at a time when you can download all of them and pick and choose the ones to keep?

Templates and Starter Projects

CEC – Transitioning from C to C++

These project files show how to create simple Blinky LED class, an linline class and how to create an LED template class using Atollic TrueStudio and the STM32L0 Nucleo Board.


SystemView Project Files –
K64F and TrueStudio Lite

The SystemView Starter Project files are an Atollic TrueSTUDIO project using the NXP Processor Expert Plug-in along with the K64F Freedom Board. The example code show FreeRTOS running three different LED tasks. The project is setup to use the Segger SystemView that allows a developer to peer into the behavior of the system using the SystemViewer utility.


RTOS Selection Matrix

Selecting the right RTOS for a project can be tricky business. Engineers often come to the table with predisposed opinions that can cloud their judgment and pull them in a direction that isn’t optimal. Use this template to evaluate your project RTOS needs in an UNBIASED manner.


printf Starter Project Files

This project shows blocking and non-blocking implementations for printf. The example is provided for the STM32 using the Keil ARM-MDK compiler.


Cooperative Scheduler
Project Files

This project how to create a simple bare-metal scheduler that follows the cooperative scheduler technique. The project consists of a simple scheduler that is easily configurable and added to any bare-metal project.


FreeRTOS Baseline Project Files –
TrueStudio and K64F

This project is a baseline starter project for FreeRTOS that uses Atollic TrueStudio, an NXP K64F Freedom Board and Processor Expert. All one needs to do is start adding tasks.

Webinar Materials

CEC – Designing IoT Sensor Nodes using the ESP8266

This project has examples for using the ESP8266 Featherboard running Micro Python. Included in the materials are:



RTOS Fundamentals using FreeRTOS and the STM32

This project has examples for using FreeRTOS on a STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board using Atollic TrueStudio.

  • Task Creation Project
  • Semaphore, Message Queue Project


Defensive Programming Techniques
Webinar Materials

The Defensive Programming Techniques Webinar materials are a Keil ARM MDK project using the STM32401RE Nucleo Board. The example code shows developers how to setup and use printf and assert in a real-time environment along with PC-Lint output.


Getting started with
FreeRTOS using TrueStudio

Choosing to use a baremetal scheduler or an RTOS can be a tough decision and a difficult transition for engineers. These project files demonstrate how to create a FreeRTOS project using Atollics’ TrueStudio and get statistical profiling using the SWV trace.


Getting Started with Real-time Operating Systems
Project Files – Renesas Synergy

This project has examples for the Renesas Synergy(TM) Platform for getting a baseline RTOS project up and running using ThreadX. There are three projects:

  • Baseline Project
  • Thread Creation Project
  • Semaphore

Each project builds upon the other.


Real-Time Operating System Fundamentals
using FreeRTOS Files

This project has examples for using FreeRTOS on a K64F Freedom Board using Atollic TrueStudio and Percepio Tracealyzer.

  • Baseline Project
  • Task Creation Project
  • Semaphore
  • Message Queues


Getting Started with Real-Time Operating Systems –
Keil MDK5 / RTX5 Files

This project has examples for using RTX5 on a K64F Freedom Board using Keil MDK5.

  • Baseline Project
  • Task Creation Project
  • Semaphore