Embedded Software Academy by Beningo provides you with a low-stress online training program that grows your embedded software development skills so you can deliver better products faster and enhance your career.

An embedded developer’s (and manager’s) greatest fear is delivering late and over budget.

Without a proven training plan to grow your embedded software skills, that’s what happens.

When you lack the best software development skills:

  • You waste time and money on old strategies that no longer work.
  • Your competition beats you to market with a superior embedded product.
  • You stress about staying relevant in the fast-paced embedded software industry.
  • Angry customers, budget overruns, anxiety, lower salary, and less mobility are more of the many downsides.

Hands-on training for embedded developers

Embedded Software Academy by Beningo is a hands-on, self-paced online program for embedded developers and managers who are serious about implementing a plan to expand their embedded software development skills and become embedded experts.

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In Embedded Software Academy by Beningo, you. . .

Embedded Software Academy Step 1 - Plan

Install a plan to update your embedded software development skills.

Get access to an exclusive series of training courses where Jacob Beningo teaches you how to implement a plan to modernize your embedded software architecture, processes, and skills.

Embedded Software Academy Step 2 - Learn

Start a continuing education program that gets you results.

Each lesson is designed to help you modernize and expand your skills by identifying growth areas while providing training in architecture, processes, and implementation.

Embedded Software Academy Step 3 - Network

Learn from a community of colleagues with growth mindsets.

Through the exclusive Embedded Software Academy Community, you join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices in embedded software development.

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What you get in Embedded Software Academy by Beningo

A self-service online training series and knowledge repository with hands-on exercises that overhauls your embedded software practices

You get online access to Jacob’s training series, “Modernizing Embedded Software Design.” The video training includes deep dives into each topic, quizzes, and actionable steps to help you modernize your skills. Each video is 10 – 30 minutes so you can fit it into your schedule.

The complete embedded training program covers four core areas:

  • Developing an Embedded Training Roadmap
  • Embedded Software Architecture & Design
  • Agile, DevOps, and Processes for Embedded Developers
  • Embedded Tools, Development, and Coding Skills

When you finish the program, you’ll:

  • Have a continuing education and improvement plan in place
  • Understand modern embedded software architecture, processes, and skills
  • Dramatically increased your skillset and be able to develop embedded software faster, while delivering more robust, secure, and reliable products.

Access to Jacob’s Embedded Software Engineering Library

Embedded Software Academy isn’t just a course about modernizing your embedded software. It’s also a training library that is a collection of embedded software training topics that you can access on an as needed basis. On a regular basis, Jacob updates and adds new content and training materials. Providing you with access to new, expert training at no additional cost.

Did you forget how to design a CI/CD pipeline, or how that I2C HAL should look? Want to freshen up on design patterns, or learn how to run a sprint better? Simply browse the library for the topic and access the materials in real-time.

Access to the Members-Only Embedded Software Academy Community

Would you like to connect with embedded software professionals to learn and share best practices? With the members-only community, you have 24/7 access to our private forum where you can connect with colleagues and get your questions answered by peers and Jacob Beningo himself. Jacob will announce group challenges that encourage you to engage accelerate your growth.

Embedded Development Q&As with Jacob Beningo

Have you attended webinars where you felt like a fly on the wall and didn’t get good answers to your questions? Or where you left confused and with more questions than you started?

Every quarter, you have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from Jacob and other experts who understand the challenges that embedded software developers and managers face. Those burning questions you have can be answered and provide you the confidence you need to move forward quickly.

These sessions also provide accountability and reminders to ensure you stay on track so you can experience growth for years to come.

Exclusive Workshop and Embedded Training Discounts

With a subscription to Embedded Software Academy by Beningo, you receive discounted rates to other embedded developer training courses and products offered by Beningo Embedded Group and our partners. While the core academy course covers a wide range of materials, you may want more in-depth programming language, process, or embedded software architecture training. We provide additional training to academy members at a discount.

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How it Works

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Create your growth plan and modernize your architecture, processes, and development skills.

Become wildly successful by delivering scalable, secure and reliable products faster.

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The Beningo Embedded Software Academy includes:

The Beningo Embedded Software Academy includes:

  • Modernizing Embedded Software Design curriculum and exercises ($2,500 value)
  • Access to a growing library of software engineering material ($3,000 value)
  • Quarterly Q&A calls with Jacob ($3,000 value)
  • Access to the Embedded Software Academy Community ($500 value)
  • Exclusive workshop, training, and partner discounts (variable value)

Total Value: $9,000+

Access the Embedded Software Academy by Beningo

Yearly Subscription with 6 Monthly Payments of

$65 USD

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Yearly Subscription with 1 Yearly Payment of

$295 USD

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Yearly Team Subscription for you and you team

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If you don’t feel the content is actionable to modernize and grow your embedded software skills, contact us within 14 days for a full refund.


Does embedded software academy apply to every industry?

The academy covers modern embedded software design in the areas of software architecture, processes, and development skills. The practices we cover are relevant to every industry but may require modification or additions based on best practices specific to an industry.

How much does it cost?

The one-time payment subscription is $295 USD per year. The 6-month payment plan in total costs $390 USD.

How is the content paced?

The content is self-paced. You can go through it as quickly or slowly as you like. Jacob’s provides several videos that discuss various methods for getting the most value from the materials. Keep in mind that every video is designed to be actionable, so you may want to watch or re-watch a video and make adjustments to your software development practices before moving on.

Will I lose access to the Beningo Embedded Software Academy after my subscription runs out?

Yes. Access to the Academy core course materials, community, discounts, and quarterly webinars will be lost if not renewed. Materials are added to the core course content indefinitely, including videos, checklists, best practices, action plans, etc.

What happens when the Beningo Embedded Software Academy subscription renews?

When you renew your subscription, you continue to receive access to the Modern Embedded Software Design course updates, the community, Jacob’s quarterly Q&A, and exclusive discounts. In addition, you receive a $295 USD credit to apply towards an in-depth workshop, course, or other training material from Beningo.

How do I interact with others in the Beningo Embedded Software Academy Community?

The community is a group of developers and managers who are working on professional products. We expect everyone to behave in a professional manner. We currently use Kajabi Communities to host our community and forum. Kajabi provides you with the option to use a web browser or the Kajabi Communities mobile app to interact with colleagues in the Beningo Embedded Software Academy Community.