Jacob Beningo is a thought provoking writer on embedded software and product development.

He has professionally published over 100 articles, sharing his experience and insights into developing robust software, decreasing costs, time-to-market and successfully launching products. Below is a list of Jacob’s articles that have been published by third parties. Don’t forget to check-out his blog too!

EDN.com Published Articles

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Beware this integration nightmare
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RTOS or bare metal – five decisive factors
5 Tips for speeding firmware development
5 Tips for using callbacks with interrupts
5 tips for building connected devices
5 tips to make sensors simpler
Defensive programming mitigates unforeseen problems
5 Tips for driver design
5 Tips for designing interfaces to reusable software modules
Using Micro Python for real-time software development
7 Tips for documenting embedded code with Doxygen
USART vs UART: Know the difference
Use virtual machines to ease firmware development
Create a stack monitor in 7 easy steps
Isolated USB-to-UART converter builds in 20 minutes for $20
5 Engineering Lessons from Pluto
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Include a remote update boot loader: 5 reasons why
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5 lessons on embedded software modeling
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7 cardinal sins of embedded software development
Summer reading list for embedded developers – 2015
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5 forbidden C features that aren’t (necessarily)
Weighing the costs: BOM versus NRE
10 Tips for designing a HAL
10 must-have development tools that (mostly) won’t strain the budget
7 lessons for embedded developers from ESC Boston 2015
7 takeaways on embedded security
7 steps to reusable debounce (and other) code
7 tips for designing a robust Bootloader
Confessions of a low power addict
10 Questions to ask during code reviews
Don’t give in to the quality, speed, cost tradeoff
7 Silent Project Killers
10 tips for commenting C code
7 tips for creating a reliable embedded system
Creating effective embedded software resolutions for 2015
10 tips to accelerate your engineering career
7 Steps to Writing a Simple Cooperative Scheduler
Using conditional complexity to test embedded software
Mastering the embedded software design cycle
7 Tips for Using Interrupts
Low-cost development, Part 1 – The Freescale Kinetis-L
Survival tech – Weathering the winter storm
Fundamentals of MCUs – A free online workshop
The ARM Connected Community – Connecting engineers with solutions
10 Tricks for Documenting Embedded Software
Bootloader design for microcontrollers in embedded systems
A review of “Making Embedded System”
10 tips for mastering version control systems
A hardware engineer’s guide to becoming a software expert
Turn a smart phone into a signal generator
10 tips for a successful engineering resume
10 tips for a successful engineering resume
10 tips for maximizing battery life
10 steps to selecting a microcontroller
The Secrets to Becoming a Great Programmer
10 C Language Tips for Hardware Engineers
Function pointers – Part 3, State machines
10 software tips for hardware engineers
Function pointers – Part 2, Task Scheduling
Function pointers – Part 1, An introduction
Differentiating yourself as an engineer
Pointer arrays – Part 2, Timer driver configuration tables
Developing reusable device drivers for MCUs
Pointer arrays – Part 1, A timer driver
Using the static keyword in C
ESC 2012 Boston Part 3 – Behind the Scenes
ESC 2012 Boston Part 2 – test-driven development
ESC 2012 – Boston Part 1
Time is of the Essence
Creating Configuration Tables to Initialize Peripherals
Using pointer arrays to map peripherals
A few pointers part 3
A few pointers part 2
A few pointers part 1
Intro to Embedded Basics
Embedded Basics

DesignNews.com Published Articles

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Why Hardware Is, Indeed, Easier Than Software
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