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A software architecture is the blueprint for the software.

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Today, many embedded teams practicing Agile believe that an embedded software architecture is emergent, and no up-front design is needed. These teams are wrong and often stumble to reliably deliver their products.

Software architecture is the fundamental organization of a system embodied in its components, their relationship to each other and the environment, and the principles guiding its design and evolution[1].

Successfully developing a software architecture requires teams do some upfront work to create the blueprint of what they think they’re building and then with each iteration the software architecture will evolve and scale.


A common problem that I often see is that teams struggle to figure out how to define their software architecture. There are five steps teams can use to develop and evolve their software architecture:

  • Separate the software architecture
  • Identify and trace data assets
  • Decompose the system
  • Interface and component design
  • Simulate, iterate, and scale

Beningo Embedded Group has helped dozens of teams develop their software architectures and scale them successfully to meet their customer’s needs. We’ve done this in several different ways such as:

  • Reviewing and providing feedback on existing designs
  • Performing software architecture audits
  • Helping teams define their architectural goals and metrics
  • Holding architecture workshops to design and develop architectures remotely and on-site
  • Working closely with our clients to design the architecture that fits their needs

The Global ET software development process has improved as a result of your guidance in the area of source control and code analysis tools, your software design practices, and your approach to modular and highly structured software implementation. These have had an overall positive impact for Global ET as we continue to provide our customers with intelligent power control solutions. SEE MORE >>

Jacob’s experience with both the hardware and software side of embedded systems brought immediate value to the project.  He was a key resource responsible for integration of top-of-line sensors and user input devices for the proof-of-concept system.  I find Jacob to technically astute and able to not only accept, but excel with cutting-edge research and development projects. SEE MORE >>

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[1] IEEE 1471 has been superseded by IEEE 42010. (I just like the IEEE 1471 definition).

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