Reusable Firmware Development – A Practical Approach to APIs, HALs and Drivers

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your embedded software and benefit from author Jacob Beningo’s more than 15 years developing reusable and portable software for resource-constrained microcontroller-based systems. You will explore APIs, HALs, and driver development among other topics to acquire a solid foundation for improving your own software. Reusable Firmware Development: A Practical Approach to APIs, HALs and Drivers not only explains critical concepts, but also provides a plethora of examples, exercises, and case studies on how to use and implement the concepts.

The best way to see what this book is about is to review the table of contents and read the sample chapter. This will give you a feel for not just the content but also the author’s writing style. The information can be found below:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Concepts for Developing Portable Firmware

Key Take-a-ways

  • Develop portable firmware using the C programming language
  • Discover APIs and HALs, explore their differences, and see why they are important to developers of resource-constrained software
  • Master microcontroller driver development concepts, strategies, and examples
  • Write drivers that are reusable across multiple MCU families and vendors
  • Improve the way software documented
  • Design APIs and HALs for microcontroller-based systems

Who This Book Is For

Those with some prior experience with embedded programming.

Developers may also be interested in “An API Standard for MCU’s” which is a companion software manual including API examples for MCU’s.