Learning the right tools and techniques along with how to apply them will accelerate any project and improve quality more than simply putting in more effort and ignoring the rapid advances in our industry.

We work in an industry that is rapidly changing. Techniques and tools that have been foundational over the last 30 years are quickly being usurped and replaced with new and modern ways to develop systems. Traditional techniques continue to be used but staying current on the latest developments, tools and techniques can have a dramatic impact on how teams develop embedded systems.

We believe in focusing on practical, hands-on learning that provide our clients with real world experience while they attend our training courses. We understand that teams don’t always have the time or budget to fly across a country and sit in a classroom for a week at a time. For this reason, we not only offer in-class training but also remote education opportunities such as webinars, online courses and our subscription based technical knowledge repository.

Advance your career or jump start your project by learning the latest and greatest embedded software techniques from globally recognized experts.

Beningo Embedded Group has trained engineering teams and engineers around the world to help them learn embedded software design techniques in a hands-on and practical manner. Examples of clients that have benefited from our courses include Infineon, Intel and Renesas. Below are examples of courses that we have put on privately and publicly for our clients: