Catching an engineer’s attention to educate them on a new product or development technique can be difficult. Too much content comes off as sales or marketing material with no practical or immediate application. Not only is Beningo Embedded Group known for our technical expertise but our ability to take that expertise and convert it into engaging and practical materials that catch the attention of engineers, managers and executive management.

The best way to engage an audience is provide them with practical and applicable knowledge that they can immediately apply and benefit from. Properly crafted content can save clients time, money and hassle in trying to learn and understand concepts. Great content doesn’t just benefit the end client, it can also help companies:

  • Engage their target audience
  • Decrease service calls
  • Increase sales

We can help you create content that is:

  • Technical focused material that doesn’t come off as a sales pitch
  • Resonates with engineers and end customers
  • Simplifies complex ideas and topics into the understandable and applicable concepts

There is no single medium that catches everyone’s attention. Each individual may learn better through a different media type.

Technology companies often focus on a single media type to get their message across to their clients. The fact is though, not everyone learns or is influenced by a single media type. In many instances, content needs to be created and distributed in multiple forms to appropriately reach a target audience. There are several ways that we help our clients reach their audience. These include:

  • Articles
  • Application notes
  • Blogs
  • Course materials
  • Example applications
  • Industry market analysis
  • Technical webinars
  • White papers