In this technology primer, subscribers will get up to speed on modern debugging techniques for real-time embedded systems. This primer will consist of:

  • 52 weekly blogs
  • 12 monthly videos

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Video Topics will cover:

  • Developing a personal debugging process
  • Selecting the right debugging tools
  • Printf versus semi-hosting
  • Using assertions in real-time systems
  • ITM debugging techniques
  • Visualizing data in real-time
  • Everything you need to know about RTOS aware debugging
  • Mastering application tracing
  • Leveraging static and dynamic code analysis to minimize bugs
  • Developing an effective testing process
  • An introduction to instruction tracing
  • Strategies to improve your debugging skills

Additional topics that will be covered in the weekly blogs include:

  • Calculating how much debugging is costing your business
  • Defining Bugs, Errors and Defects
  • Classifying and managing bugs
  • Mastering the debugging process
  • Debugging methodologies
  • Basic and advanced debugging techniques
  • Debug capabilities of the Arm Cortex-M processor
  • Debug and trace interfaces
  • Selecting the right debugger
  • Everything you didn’t know about breakpoints
  • Using watchpoints, data points and expressions effectively
  • The many forms of printf
  • Understanding Semi-hosting
  • Catching bugs with assertions
  • Setting up and using assertions
  • Real-time implications for debugging techniques
  • Getting started with the itm
  • Using printf with the ITM
  • Designing a multi-port ITM function
  • How to use statistical profiling
  • Visualizing variables and data
  • RTOS aware debugging
  • Application tracing
  • Debugging the stack
  • How to discover memory leaks
  • How to find priority inversions
  • How to find task dead-lock
  • How to find task jitter
  • Tracing through the ITM
  • Tracing applications for energy usage
  • Minimizing bug with static code analysis
  • Dynamic code analysis
  • Developing effective unit tests
  • Creating a regression test system
  • Hardware in loop testing
  • Debugging with the ETM
  • Ensuring code coverage with instruction tracing
  • Detecting and handling errors
  • Real world use cases and case studies
  • Additional resources
  • Going further

This is just a sampling of everything that will be covered during the subscription.
Subscribe Now – $125

Technology primers are a great way to get up to speed on a technology over time without investing large amounts of time or money up front. It provides the subscriber with the ability to learn about a technology over the course of a year and build up skills for when they are needed most.