MicroPython Projects Will Guide You in Building and Managing Your Embedded Systems with Ease

By the end of this MicroPython book, you’ll be able to develop industry-standard embedded systems and keep up with the evolution of the Internet of Things.

Embedded software for microcontrollers has become increasingly complex and the need to reuse code and focus on the application has become more and more critical. Understanding and creating APIs for resource constrained systems is now more critical to maximize code reuse and portability than ever before.

In “An API Standard for MCUs”, engineers will be provided with example API’s and HAL’s that have been used by Beningo Embedded Group for more than a decade to help our clients create embedded software faster and more robustly. This API standard focuses on providing developers with API’s that can be used even with resource constrained devices that improves software reusability and portability.


Key Take-a-ways:

  • Example API’s and HAL’s that can be used to improve code portability and reuse in resource constrained embedded systems aimed at microcontroller based systems
  • Final API and HAL designs that can be used to create high-level application code that can be used from one microcontroller to another
  • Data structures and components that are necessary to develop driver interfaces that can be easily extended for any application