Mar 27, 2019 1:00pm EDT

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The drive to optimize every aspect of the modern commercial and industrial building is not new. Mechanical thermostats have been replaced with comprehensive environmental monitoring systems, networked, and connected to IT-style backends and much more. But we are still at the beginning of these changes: the need to create an energy/materials efficient, productive, enjoyable, and safe environment is an incredible challenge demanding truly transformative technology ingredients integrated into a complex connected system.

In this webinar, we will explore major challenges in reaching this vision with a focus on the underlying transformative technologies addressing local and remote room environmental monitoring and control, situation prediction/management, access control, occupant guiding systems, mesh and uplink connectivity, and enhanced controls such as AI. Engineering managers and design engineers building products for the next generation of smart buildings will benefit from this webinar's technology leaders' insight:

  • Changes facing the smart building industry
  • Winning the technology race
  • Transformative technologies
    • HMI
    • Controls
    • Communication
  • Implementation challenges
  • Design best practices

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