Incubator and Co-working Space

One of the large ticket items that first time consultants think they need right out of the gate is an office.  The consultant needs a place to work and to meet with clients and it is only natural to want a space that represents the face of the business.  The major problem with this is that offices are expensive!  They can easily duplicate the expenses of a home.  After all, first there is rent, then utilities such as phone, internet, electric and gas.  Then the consultant needs outfit the space with desks, chairs, tables, computers, etc.  If a consultant is just starting out, this can be quite the overhead and start-up expense!  Luckily, there is a trend that is sweeping the nation right now known as coworking space.


Coworking space is a shared office space that is setup for use by independent contractors, small businesses and start-ups that allows them to operate a business at reduced costs.  Dependnig on the space, consultants could rent desk space on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis as needed.  Coworking space has the advantage of being a professional looking work space with desks, offices, conference rooms, kitchens, printers, internet and much more.  The best part is that these spaces are available for as little as $20 a day or in packages that make the space as inexpensive as $10!  Packages such as 12 uses for $100 are not uncommon!


Saving critical overhead costs are not the only advantage of coworking space.  These spaces are filled with other individuals running their own businesses!  There is ample opportunity to network with other members and learn the ins and outs of business in general.  It is a great opportunity for unrelated companies to work together.  Someone may have already solved an issue that you are working on and may have a simple solution that would have required great attention and detail to arrive at.  You never know who else or what other company may be utilizing a coworking or incubator space!  They might be abe to introduce you to potential clients and vice-versa!


So before you rush out and start setting up an office, check your local area for incubator and coworking space.  You may just find that you’ll be not only able to save overhead but also starting developing business relationships that will last a life-time!

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