Tools – STM32Cube.AI

Machine Learning has the embedded systems industry buzzing as new tools and capabilities become available for us developers to implement in our systems. Machine Learning on Arm Cortex-M type microcontrollers is still relatively new, but there are some very interesting tools available that make it easier for developers to integrate a trained model into their … Continue reading Tools – STM32Cube.AI

ASN Filter Designer

Digital signal processing (DSP) has become an important tool in the embedded software developer’s toolbox. DSP allows a developer to modify a signal in ways that wouldn’t be otherwise possible. While DSP is often used in audio applications, developers can use DSP to create digital filters that can be used to remove analog hardware from … Continue reading ASN Filter Designer

5 Embedded System Tools to Decrease Costs and Time to Market

Embedded systems are complex devices and getting them to work the way that they are supposed to can be a challenge. The average developer on average spends around 40% of their time debugging their software. This can lead increased costs and time-to-market as developers grapple with system complexities and try to understand how various software … Continue reading 5 Embedded System Tools to Decrease Costs and Time to Market