Tools – TortoiseHg

There are several different revision control systems that developers have available to them in order to control changes to their code base. These include: SVN Git Mercurial I still see many teams using SVN and Git but in the past year I have seen more and more teams starting to use Mercurial. (I’ve also seen … Continue reading Tools – TortoiseHg

Tools – 5 Justifications for Purchasing a New Software Tool

Let’s face it, every embedded software developer knows that management is more likely to approve the purchase for a $50,000 spectrum analyzer than a $1200 debug probe with ETM trace capabilities. Purchasing a compiler, trace software, analyzers or any other tool that would make software development easier, faster or cheaper simply results in management asking … Continue reading Tools – 5 Justifications for Purchasing a New Software Tool

Tools – Renesas Synergy(TM) Configurator

The tools that embedded software developers use are extremely important to maximize development efficiency and minimize costs, time-to-market and perhaps most importantly, developer headaches. There are a lot of great tools and toolchains available to developers today, the one that has been catching my attention lately, and the one we will be exploring in this … Continue reading Tools – Renesas Synergy(TM) Configurator

Tools – The Device Firmware Update (DFU) Utility

Nearly every product requires a software update at some point or another. Whether it’s our cellphones, TV’s or even our refrigerators (yea I went there). Microcontroller based systems typically aren’t running a high-level operating system that allows files to be replaced. Instead, developers need a bootloader. Microcontroller vendors have been including firmware update capabilities inside … Continue reading Tools – The Device Firmware Update (DFU) Utility