CEC – Writing Portable and Robust Firmware in C

Course Overview: The software development cycle is always a mad dash to the launch date. Firmware developers have their hands full architecture, design, implementation and testing. Starting from scratch is a herculean effort that is time consuming and no longer possible in today’s market places. This course will demonstrate how to write portable and robust … Continue reading CEC – Writing Portable and Robust Firmware in C

Device Drivers Whitepaper

As the new year approaches thoughts will begin to drift to resolutions and actions that can be taken to improve ourselves in the new year.  These resolutions often reflect physical or spiritual changes that we would like to see and rarely do they include improvements to are working capabilities.  For this reason I thought it … Continue reading Device Drivers Whitepaper

CEC Introduction to Embedded Software Architecture Materials

Jacob Beningo’s “Introduction to Embedded Software Architecture and Design” CEC Design News course materials can downloaded by clicking the download image.  Included in these materials is the following: C Code Templates for Doxygen including a main page Edraw Software Architecture Template file and pdf Miscellaneous papers on Embedded Software Architecture Click the image below to … Continue reading CEC Introduction to Embedded Software Architecture Materials

Bootloader Design Resources

I recently had the opportunity to talk about Boot-loader Design Techniques at the IEEE South Eastern Michigan Embedded Systems Workshop.  Boot-loaders are a fundamental piece of nearly every embedded system.  Microcontroller based systems use a boot-loader to mainly allow the system firmware to be updated without special and expensive JTAG tools.  Over the years there … Continue reading Bootloader Design Resources

Simple Cooperative Scheduler Download

Fill in the below information to accept the terms and conditions of downloading the “Simple Cooperative Scheduler”.  This scheduler includes example modules for Cooperative scheduler algorithm (in main.c) Scheduler definitions (scheduler.h) Task configuration (tsk_cfg.h and tsk_cfg.c) Example System Tick definition (sys_tick module) Example Tasks THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY BENINGO ENGINEERING “AS IS” AND ANY … Continue reading Simple Cooperative Scheduler Download