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What is a Logic Analyzer

Debugging an embedded system can be an extremely challenging venture especially when communication interfaces are involved. The slightest timing offset between signals can be the difference between receiving a signal or not. Monitoring communication signals to ensure signal timing and even message content can be critical when developing a new driver or interface. One of … Continue reading What is a Logic Analyzer

MISRA 2012 Compliance

Following a standard like the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) C is a great step towards writing safer, better and less buggy code. If a development team is taking the steps to implement code to meet the MISRA C standard it may make sense to take the extra step of fully complying with the … Continue reading MISRA 2012 Compliance

A Review of for Loops

Conditional loops are common in every programming language whether it’s designed for low level embedded development or higher level web or pc development. The most commonly used loop is the well known for loop. When writing a for loop in C, there are multiple perturbations or uses that exhibit what could be considered unexpected behavior. … Continue reading A Review of for Loops