5 Tips for Getting Started with the Renesas Synergy(TM) Platform

I have been exploring, tinkering and vetting my SK-S7G2 Synergy Platform development board over the past several months. I have had some stumbled, succeeded and even been awed at times with what can be accomplished and at times how easily it can be accomplished. I have had quite a few engineers write me asking for suggestions and follow-ups to my Design News article on the Synergy Platform from earlier this year. Below are five tips for getting started that I’ve found to be great resources for quickly getting started with the platform.

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Tip #1 – Use the Synergy Platform Doxygen Documentation

When you install the Software Synergy Package, within the installation drive there is a Renesas/Documentation directory that gets installed. Within this directory is a zip file that contains the HTML linked Doxygen generated documentation for the entire SSP. Everything one might want to know is contained in this documentation ranging from the high level software architecture to examples for API’s to control the HAL’s. I randomly stumbled upon this documentation and wished I had known about it far sooner.

Tip #2 – Review the Synergy Software Package (SSP) Datasheet

Beyond the documentation that is released with each version of the SSP, there is also a Datasheet that can be found on the Renesas website. The datasheet provides an overview for the SSP and many of the application frameworks that come with the Synergy platform. There is even metric and analysis figures for how much code size and RAM to expect to be used if a framework is used. In addition, there are performance characteristics and even some warranties. I highly recommend getting familiar with this document. The latest version, SSP 1.1.1, can be found at https://www.renesas.com/en-eu/doc/products/renesas-synergy/doc/r01ds0272eu0111_synergy_ssp.pdf

Tip #3 – Check the Renesas Rulz Forum

Quite a few application frameworks are very easy and obvious to setup. For the complex frameworks, sometimes addition help is needed. So far I’ve found that the Renesas Rulz forum has had not only information around available but responses to questions have been quick. The forum is located at http://renesasrulz.com/synergy/f/206.aspx

Tip #4 – Read the Synergy Blog

When I was perusing the Renesas Rulz website I stumbled upon a weekly blog that provides a fairly in-depth look at the features and capabilities for the platform. Some of the entries are news or informational related but some posts do dive deep into the technical realms and have been helpful in getting different framework up and running. The blog is located at http://renesasrulz.com/synergy/b/weblog/ and seems to be updated approximately once a week with new information.

Tip #5 – Start with the Application Notes

The quickest way to get up and running is to walk through the application notes. The Synergy Platform was just launched early this year so there isn’t yet a complete set of application notes up on the website but there are some really good application notes currently posted. Examples range from getting USB mass storage devices and hosts up and running to configuring the onboard graphics controller. I found that walking through the application notes was a great place to start and helped me quickly learn how to get a fairly complex program up and running in a short period of time. The application notes are located at https://www.renesas.com/en-us/products/synergy/solutions.html

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