Beningo Engineering launches framework for Texas Instruments MSP430 Family

Beningo Engineering announces the release of an embedded software framework for the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of microcontrollers.  The software framework includes peripheral drivers, example application code and documentation on how to configure it so that getting a processor up and running takes only hours instead of weeks.  Developers will benefit greatly from using our high quality framework which adhere to strict programming standards such as MISRA, static code analysis and coding standard.


The driver framework supports the complete standard peripheral set which includes drivers such as digital input/output, spi, uart, i2c, adc, dac, pwm, timers, etc.  In addition, the framework is compatible with any RTOS and can be used with or without one.  The examples includes a simple cooperative scheduler which can be used to test and configure the framework.


In addition to standard support for the Texas Instruments MSP430 family, Beningo Engineering middleware such as SD card application code, eeprom, command schedulers, zigbee, and many other embedded components are available and fully compatible with the framework.  Companies will find that a combination of the Texas Instruments MSP430 framework and middleware components will greatly reduce project cost, time-to-market and increase the quality and reliability of the product.


For pricing, delivery and ordering information contact us at Beningo Engineering.

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