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A boot-loader is an application whose primary purpose is to allow a systems software to be updated without the use of specialized hardware such as a JTAG programmer. During the initial stages of product development it is very common for the boot-loader to be overlooked by the development team. The primary reason for this is that the boot-loader is not the primary end product that is going to be sold to the customer but the boot-loader is potentially the most important part of that product. The boot-loader allows a company to launch their product with software that only fulfills a portion of their final feature set and then add features to their product once it has been launched into the market. It also allows them to fix bugs that are discovered after the system has been released into the wild.

Boot-loaders require an expert knowledge and understanding of the low level workings of micro-controllers.  They can be very expensive and time consuming to develop.  In order to decrease both time to market and cost, Beningo Engineering has applied their expert understanding of boot-loading into a customizable product in order to meet the requirements and needs of their customers.  Customers can select the processor, hardware interface and then numerous customizable features such as support for EEPROM programming, securing the microcontroller, back-door access into the boot-loader and much more.      

The Beningo Engineering boot-loading system consists of two major components:

1) Embedded boot-loader
2) Mcu Application Programming Software (MAPS)


Embedded Boot-loader

Beningo Engineering supports a wide variety of MCU’s and processor manufacturers and our list is growing daily.  A few examples of the processors that we currently support include (but are not limited to):

  • Freescale S08
  • Freescale S12X
  • Freescale Kinetis
  • Freescale Coldfire
  • TI MSP430
  • TI C2000
  • TI DSP
  • TI Stellaris
  • Microchip PIC18
  • Microchip PIC24
  • Microchip PIC30
  • Microchip DSPIC
  • SiLabs C8051
  • Cypress PSoC
  • Atmel AVR
  • Atmel Arm

In addition to supporting a plethora of chip manufacturers and processors, Beningo Engineering supports a wide variety of peripheral interfaces that can be used to load updated applications onto the MCU’s.  A few examples of supported interfaces include:

  • UART
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • USB
  • CAN
  • LIN
  • SD Card
  • Flash Drive
  • Ethernet
  • Zigbee
  • Wifi
  • Misc Wireless


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Learn more about Beningo Engineering products.


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