Bootloader Design Resources

I recently had the opportunity to talk about Boot-loader Design Techniques at the IEEE South Eastern Michigan Embedded Systems Workshop.  Boot-loaders are a fundamental piece of nearly every embedded system.  Microcontroller based systems use a boot-loader to mainly allow the system firmware to be updated without special and expensive JTAG tools.  Over the years there are a number of resources I’ve developed to helped engineers get up to speed on this intricate and often complex pieces of code.  Below are some resources that should help any would-be boot-loader developer!

2014 IEEE SEM Boot-loader Design Techniques Slides – Click here to download

White Paper – Bootloader Design for Microcontrollers in Embedded Systems – Click here to download

Self Paced Course – Introduction to Boot-loaders – Click here to purchase and select Intro to Bootloader tab.

In addition to these resources it is highly recommended that the developer search for white papers from the silicon vendor of choice.  Often times there are examples and source that can be leveraged to get started.

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