Know thy compiler toolchain

An embedded systems engineer is only as good as their knowledge of the tools they use. Using the right tool for the job can drastically speed up development but doesn’t necessarily ensure success. The developer needs to understand the intricacies of the tool in order to be successful. Take for example an apparently simple task … Continue reading Know thy compiler toolchain

5 Trends from Embedded World 2018

Last week, I attended the 2018 Embedded World conference in Nuremberg Germany (February 27 – March 1). As usual, companies from around the world descended on Nuremberg to show off their latest and greatest embedded technologies. While I was there giving several talks, networking with colleagues and walking the conference floor, I started to see … Continue reading 5 Trends from Embedded World 2018

7 Essential skills for firmware engineers

Having the right tools for the job is critical to success but in the hands of the improperly skilled, the result can be disastrous. Firmware engineers require seven essential skills to succeed in todays rapid paced development environment. Skill #1 – Defect Management (Formerly “Debugging”) According to the UBM Embedded Marketing Studies, debugging an embedded … Continue reading 7 Essential skills for firmware engineers