CEC – Best Practices for Designing Real-Time Embedded Systems

Development teams today are faced with the need to develop systems within smaller budgets, shorter timeframes and with more features. In order to succeed in this challenging environment, teams need to leverage best practices, which are procedures shown my experience to produce optimal results. In this course, we will explore modern day best practices that can dramatically elevate an attendee’s design skills and setup them up for success.  

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June 21 – Day 1 – System Level Design Philosophy Designing an embedded system often requires that a team start at the highest levels and work their way into the details. In this session, we will explore modern design philosophy and best practices that allow a team to kickstart their design off on the right foot. Attendees will walk away understanding why best practices are important, how to leverage them, and a high-level understanding of what design philosophies work best to design modern systems.

June 22 – Day 2 – Designing a Hardware-less System The running theme in embedded systems is that we need the hardware to design and build our embedded systems. Today, embedded systems can be designed on modeled without ever writing a single line of low-level software. In this session, attendees will walk away understanding how to design and architect their systems to remove hardware dependency. June 23 – Day 3 – It’s All About the Data Modern embedded systems can be boiled down to data engines. They consume, produce, process and transfer data. One of the best practices for designing a system is to follow the data! In this session, we will explore how to architect and decompose a system based on the data. June 24 – Day 4 – Testing Your Way to Design Success Testing is often one of the least exciting aspects to embedded system design; however, leveraging unit tests and TDD can be a fantastic way to dramatically improve a systems design. In this session, attendees will learn about how to test their system and leverage TDD to build scalable embedded applications. June 25 – Day 5 – The Best Practices Lightning Round There are so many different best practices for designing systems and so little time! In this session, we won’t focus on big picture best practices but instead explore a variety of miscellaneous best practices that can help developers immediately in their design cycle. We will explore best practices like interface design, code analysis, useful metrics, configuration tables and much more!

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