CEC – Designing Embedded Systems using the ESP32

Microcontrollers and Wi-Fi radios dominate the IoT device landscape but are often designed separately into a product. An interesting solution for low-cost edge devices is to use the ESP32 Wi-Fi / MCU combo module. This course will explore how to design Wi-Fi based applications using the ESP32. Attendees will learn how to set up the ESP32 toolchain, configure Wi-Fi, and use the SDK to start developing professional products.

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December 14 – Day 1 – Introduction to ESP32 Wi-Fi Module

The ESP32 is a low-cost WI-FI / MCU module that has become popular for IoT applications. In this session, we will explore why the module has become so popular and examine the various modules, hardware, and toolchains. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the differences between the various modules and how to select the right ones for their application.

December 15 – Day 2 – Setting up and Exploring the SDK

There are several toolchains that developers can use to develop their application for the ESP32 ranging from the Arduino IDE through the ESP32 SDK using make. In this session, we will focus on helping attendees set up the ESP32 SDK and explore the fundamentals of how it is organized and how to use it.

December 16 – Day 3 – Programming and Writing the First Application

The ESP32 has several different methods that can be used to program the device. In this session, we will explore the ESP32 memory map, bootloader, and methods that can be used to program the device. We will write our first application and program the module. We will also explore how to debug and get meaningful log information.

December 17 – Day 4 – It’s all about Wi-Fi

A major advantage of using the ESP32 is that it comes as a precertified Wi-Fi module with a lot of example code. In this session, we will explore how to leverage the ESP32 SDK to write applications that act as an Access Point (AP) and also how to connect as a client to an existing AP. Attendees will walk away understanding the ESP32 Wi-Fi API’s and how to write their own custom applications.

December 18 – Day 5 – Jump-Starting Cloud Connectivity Applications with Amazon FreeRTOS

Many applications don’t just need to connect to Wi-Fi but also need to connect to a cloud provider. In this session, we will explore the software stacks that Amazon provides for the ESP32 that allow developers to quickly and easily connect their ESP32 to Amazon Web Services using FreeRTOS. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how to use the ESP32 with Amazon and the resources necessary to develop a cloud connectivity application.

Course Resources

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