CEC – Embedded Software Design Techniques

How embedded software is designed and built has evolved over the last several years. Embedded systems are no longer simple disconnected systems but powerful microcontroller-driven devices balancing connectivity, machine learning, and real-time control. This course will explore how to design and build modern embedded systems that use microcontrollers. Registration and Playback are located here (May require login to access)

June 20 – Day 1 – Software Architecture 101

Embedded designers today have a wide range of development environments and architectures available to them. In this session, we will explore the software architectural patterns available to designers today. Attendees will walk away understanding the differences between technical layers, domains, and micro-services.

June 21 – Day 2 – Designing RTOS-based Applications

Many real-time systems rely on an RTOS to manage the timing and low-level features in the microcontroller system. This session will explore how to architect an embedded application using an RTOS. Attendees will learn how to develop and verify their architecture.

June 22 – Day 3 – Architecture Verification Techniques

It’s amazing how quickly a well-architected system can descend into chaos! In this session, we will explore how to analyze our embedded software as we develop it to ensure that we maintain high coherence and minimize coupling. Attendees will walk away with new ideas on how to keep their architecture clean.

June 23 – Day 4 – Designing Quality into Embedded Systems

Quality cannot be added to a system at the end of the development cycle–it must be maintained at every stage. In this session, we will explore what it takes to build a quality embedded system. We will discuss how to analyze embedded systems for quality using complexity, cycle analysis, CI/CD, and more. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge of what processes may work for them to improve their system quality and decrease time to market.

June 24 – Day 5 – Software Configuration Management Techniques

The bane of many projects is how to successfully manage software configurations. Many code bases are used across multiple product lines and SKUs. Managing which features are included and which are excluded can result in complex spaghetti code. In this session, we will explore several techniques for managing configuration of a product that will simplify feature selection and minimize the opportunity for mistakes.

Course Resources

Jacob’s General Embedded System Resources:

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Course Resources:

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