EETimes University – Fundamentals of IoT System Design

Designing an IoT device requires more than expertise in embedded system design. Developers also need to understand the IoT architecture and how their device fits into the grander scheme. IoT devices are not stand-alone but links in a chain that can affect the entire internet. Developers need to understand how to secure their device, provision it and get it safely communicating on the internet. In this 3-day course, we will go beyond the embedded and examine these critical IoT concepts.

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Day 1 – The IoT Architecture
There are several different IoT topologies and options that a developer can choose when designing their IoT device. In order to select the proper topology, developers need to understand each link in the IoT chain and how these links interact with each other. In this session, we will examine the IoT architecture and discuss key architectural choices that developers much make to ensure that their system meets their expectations.

Day 2 – Creating an IoT Sensor Node
Sensor nodes are the data acquisition backbone for the IoT. These devices translate the world around us into quantifiable data that cannot just be analyzed but control the world around us. In this session, we will take a hands-on look at how we can build an IoT sensor node and the various sensors that a developer might consider in their design.

Day 3 – Securing and Connecting the Edge
The design methodologies required to securely connect to the internet from an embedded system are new to most developers. Traditionally, devices were stand-alone and did not require heavy security. In this final session, we’ll explore how to connect a device to the internet and the various security methodologies that should be considered. We will also discuss concepts such as remote provisioning and control, interoperability, and stand-alone operation.

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