Jacob’s Ideas and Adjustments for Shelter-In-Place

Over the past several weeks, the world as we know it has been turned upside down. With these changes, you may be wondering what other engineers and business owners are doing to adapt and manage the changes. Below is a simple list that demonstrates what Jacob has been doing both professionally and personally:


  • Connecting and networking companies and engineers working on innovative solutions for supply shortages
  • Advising and performing code reviews on pandemic ventilator solutions
  • Working closely with clients both past and present to help them navigate the business and development challenges they are facing
  • Discounting my existing self-paced courses at https://beningo.mykajabi.com/ by 50% through May 31 using the code: 2020HELP
  • Donating my share of the registration fees from the Embedded Online Conference to local charities, churches and organizations that are helping those in need in South Eastern Michigan. (You can register for only $90 if you use the code: CORONA90).
  • Launching a new 90-Day coaching service for businesses that need short term advice and support.
  • Offering a free online webinar that will cover topics like working remotely, embedded software design techniques and answer burning questions that attendees may have. It will take place on April 22nd at 11 EDT. Those interested can Register here and send topics they would like to hear about to [email protected]
  • Improving file and office organization. Implementing new business streamlined processes.
  • Identifying knowledge, skills and value that I can provide to the embedded system industry and community and finding ways to deliver that value.
  • Honing my own skills. I took a 3-Day online course with James Grenning on Test Driven Development to grow my own skills and knowledge. (And integrating lessons learned into my own development efforts).
  • Working through the book TinyML: Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite on Arduino and Ultra-low-Power Microcontrollers.
  • Adhering to recommendations from government agencies on social distancing, etc


  • Decreasing my typical working hours from 60 hours per week to 40 hours
  • Helping home school the kids
  • Focusing more on family time without jeopardizing professional activities
  • Adjusting my workout routine to use the weights I have around the house
  • Focusing on health and healthy habits along with losing a few pounds (down 18 pounds in 2020 so far as of this writing).
  • Increasing sleep from 5.5 to 7 hours a night
  • Setting a new daily routine and sticking to it
  • Identified a 7-book series with the goal of completing one book per week
  • Getting a jump start on spring cleaning
  • Remote IT support for parents and family
  • Attending church(es) remotely:
  • Identifying ways to help locally once businesses reopen
  • Donating to local causes as I can
  • Watching the first season of Picard

Things I am not doing:

An article I read a while back was quite disturbing to me. It stated that the average American doesn’t have enough savings to handle a $400 emergency. Due to the dramatic need that is out there right now; I am making sure that I don’t do the following:

  • Deferring mortgage, supplier or other payments even though the options may be available.
  • Applying for assistance programs that would take opportunities from businesses or individuals that truly need it
  • Canceling projects or activities (although some travel activities have been delayed)

I hope that this has given you some thoughts or ideas on additional activities that you might consider adding to your own schedules and routines.I’d love to hear what adjustments you are making and how they are working out for you!

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