The Embedded Frontier Episode #0000 Embedded Software Trends for 2024

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0:00 – Introduction and Reflection on the Embedded Software Industry

2:14 – Trend 1: Leveraging AI to Develop Embedded Systems

11:53 – Trend 2: Improving CI/CD Processes

16:44 – Trend 3: Phasing out C for C++ or Rust in 32-bit Applications

21:59 – Trend 4: Developer-Centric Workflows

24:24 – Trend 5: Moving to Higher Levels of Abstraction

26:21 – Trend 6: Adoption of POSIX APIs in Real-Time Operating Systems

28:45 – Technique 1: Model-Based Design

29:45 – Technique 2: Containerizing and Virtualizing Development Processes

35:02 – Technique 3: Adopting DevOps and CI/CD

Embedded Software Trends for 2024 Episode Description

In this episode, Jacob discusses trends in the embedded software industry and provides techniques and practices for staying relevant and successful. The trends include leveraging AI to develop embedded systems, improving CI/CD processes, phasing out C for C++ or Rust in 32-bit applications, adopting developer-centric workflows, moving to higher levels of abstraction, and using POSIX APIs in real-time operating systems. The techniques covered are model-based design, containerizing and virtualizing development processes, and adopting DevOps and CI/CD.

Key Takeaways

  • Leveraging AI can improve efficiency, code generation, debugging, and code reviews in embedded software development.
  • Improving CI/CD processes can enhance automation, reliability, and deployment of embedded software.
  • Phasing out C for C++ or Rust in 32-bit applications can provide more modern and scalable development options.
  • Adopting developer-centric workflows allows for customization and efficiency in the development process.
  • Moving to higher levels of abstraction enables hardware independence and scalability in embedded software development.
  • Using POSIX APIs in real-time operating systems provides flexibility and portability in application code.
  • Model-based design, containerization, and virtualization are effective techniques for efficient and scalable development processes.
  • Adopting DevOps and CI/CD improves collaboration, automation, and efficiency in embedded software development.

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