Tools – My Top 10 Favorite Embedded Software Books

I am asked quite often what the best resources are for staying up to date and learning more about embedded software design. There are many ways a developer can stay up to date and learn such as

  • Technical Blogs, Websites and Periodicals
  • Online communities, video and webinars
  • Books
  • Training Courses
  • Conferences

In time, I may publish a comprehensive resource list that I find to be useful but for today, I want to provide you with the top 10 books I’ve found to be most useful through-out my career so far. Also if you have any that you have found to be wonderful please send them to me at [email protected] and I will check them out and add them to a larger list.template image

  • An Embedded Software Primer (by David E. Simon)
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading using ThreadX (by Edward L. Lamie)
  • The Art of Designing Embedded Systems (by Jack Ganssle)
  • C in a Nutshell (by Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford)
  • Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (IEEE Computer Society)
  • Test Driven Development for Embedded C (by James W. Grenning)
  • Software Engineering for Embedded Systems (by Robert Oshana and Mark Kraeling)
  • Debugging (by David J. Agans)
  • Expert C Programming Deep C Secrets (by Peter Van Der Linden)
  • MISRA-C Coding Standard (MISRA Organization)


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