CEC – How to Select the Right Microcontroller for an Application

This course will examine how to select a microcontroller using a modern process. We will examine traditional selection techniques and how modern techniques examine security, machine learning, and the software ecosystem. We will define a process that attendees can follow and walk through several case studies for selecting a microcontroller based on applications such as IoT, sensor nodes, machine-learning devices, etc. Registration and Playback are located here (May require login to access)

July 25 – Day 1 – The Microcontroller Industry Today

The number of microcontrollers available today is growing, and the technologies available are vast. Microcontrollers are finding their way into cutting-edge applications using machine learning and the most basic applications. In this session, we will explore the current state of the microcontroller industry. Attendees will learn what’s available today, the various architectures, and where the industry may be going in the next decade.   

July 26 – Day 2 – MCU Selection Criteria

With so many microcontroller options available today, it can be difficult to find just the right one for an application. This session will examine the various criteria designers should consider when selecting their microcontroller. Attendees will walk away from this session with an unbiased process to help them evaluate whether a microcontroller is right for their application.

July 27 – Day 3 – The Modern MCU Selection Process

Microcontrollers are traditionally chosen by the electrical team, but today’s products require that designers forgo tradition and allow the software to drive their microcontroller selection. In this session, we will explore a modern process for selecting microcontrollers that leverages the core product differentiator, software. Attendees will understand the process of selecting a microcontroller for a modern product.

July 28 – Day 4 – Microcontroller Selection Use Cases

In this session, we will walk through several application examples on selecting the right microcontroller for an application. Attendees will see how to select a microcontroller for a machine-learning system and an IoT sensor node.

July 29 – Day 5 – Microcontroller Selection Best Practices

The criteria, processes, and examples covered in this course will provide many modern ideas for selecting a microcontroller. In this session, we will explore corner cases and additional considerations that are often overlooked. Attendees will walk away understanding how to choose the right microcontroller and ensure that it can scale for their future needs.

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