Common Framework API’s eases application development and porting

When a new project is initiated whether it is a from scratch development or an upgrade to an existing system, a large amount of time is often focused on developing and testing drivers for the microcontroller.  It is not uncommon for driver development to take a few months worth of development time that could have been better spent focusing on product features.  With development cycles getting shorter and shorter, feature lists expanding at exponential rates, and budgets being severely limited, there just isn’t time to spend on developing drivers and board support packages.


Beningo Engineering has used industry standards and best programming practices to development an embedded driver API framework that alleviates the cost and time spent developing processor drivers.  This aids the developer not only in time and costs saved but also promotes the use of reusable and more robust middleware applications and components.  The same API is used to develop frameworks across multiple silicon vendors and processor platforms ensuring that when its time to update a system only the driver layer is switched out and the application layer can remain the same.  In addition it allows for more 3rd party components to be developed to support the wide range of embedded applications which are proliferating our digital landscape.  This enables our clients to take advantage of these components and rapidly accelerate their time to market, decrease costs and focus on product differentiation.


In addition to providing frameworks and 3rd party components, Beningo Engineering is highly experienced in bringing products to market.  Beningo Engineering leverages our knowledge and experience developing robust, modular code to help our clients beat the competition to market with a superior product.


For pricing, delivery and ordering information contact us at Beningo Engineering.

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