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Beningo Engineering offers a number of embedded software frameworks and middleware components designed to effortlessly bring up microcontrollers from a wide variety of silicon providers.  Rather then spending weeks or months developing robust and tested drivers before even beginning to contemplate the actual application, Beningo Engineering has already developed proven and reliable drivers to save our clients development time and cost.  The frameworks and middleware components have been developed to the strictest coding standards and meet standards such as MISRA-C.  Each framework uses the same API interface which allows the development of application modules that can be easily reused from one project to the next.  In fact, Beningo Engineering has developed a number of common modules such as SD card modules, EEPROM, flash, real-time clocks, zigbee and many more.  Taking advantage of the common API has allowed us to provide our customers with a cost-effective and shortened upgrade strategy allowing them to quickly adapt their product to market demands.


Beningo Engineering has over 5 years of experience developing hardware and software for microcontroller lines from Freescale, Microchip and Texas Instruments in addition to companies such as Atmel, Renesas, Cypress, Stmicro, Silicon Labs and NXP .  We’ve developed bootloaders, boost and buck converters, blast sensors sampling at 100 ks/s and medical sensors such as SPO2, ECG, EEG and much more.  Contact Beningo Engineering today to see how our embedded software frameworks, components and design services can accelerate the design cycle, improve system reliability while decreasing overall costs.


Beningo Engineering is constantly working to bring our customers additional silicon lines and support.  If a part you are interested in is not currently supported Beningo Engineering will gladly port our API to that device at no cost in order to ensure that our customers receive maximum benefits.


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