Embedded Online 2018 – Video and Presentation Links

On May 22nd, 2018, we ran an all day webinar series consisting of six different presentations which we ran for a total of nine sessions that covered the globe. There were quite a few different topics that were covered with a quick session overview listed below:

Session 1 – Jump Starting Code Development to Minimize Software Defects

Session 2 – Debugging and profiling your STM32 device using Atollic TrueSTUDIO for STM32

Session 3 – Machine learning on deeply embedded and resource constrained end nodes for the IoT

Session 4 – A Platform Approach to Securing Your IoT Devices

Session 5 – The Many Dangers of HMI

Session 6 – Do an “Embedded Steve Austin” without the 6 Million Dollars – Re-engineering your embedded platform for the next decade

If you happened to miss but are still interested in viewing the materials, you can access the recordings and download the presentations as a PDF at the following link:

2018 Embedded Online Conference Materials

It was a fun filled day with leading experts and I hope that you will keep an eye open for next years!

Also make sure to check-out Jacob’s other workshops and training courses.


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