Tips and Tricks – Offload the I in IoT

Embedded software developers have a lot on their plate. A developer has to be an expert in hardware, sensors, communication protocols, low level drivers, HAL’s API’s, object oriented design and a master of programming languages. Unfortunately embedded engineers must also now know internet protocols, web design, tcp/ip stacks, encryption and security. The list is quickly … Continue reading Tips and Tricks – Offload the I in IoT

Tools – The April Board

The April board is a break-out for the Imp Developer module. The April module provides the ability to power the Imp module using a standard USB-Mini cable, an optional battery connector, or through a standard .100 header. The April board also has an on-board 3.3V regulator that can with stand an input up to 17 … Continue reading Tools – The April Board

CEC – Driver Design Patterns and the Internet

Course Overview: Leveraging design patterns is a critical technique to quickly and efficiently develop an embedded system.  This course will explore driver design patterns through developing low-level drivers for the STM32L0 Nucleo board. We will explore the interfacing of common sensors to the development board, in addition to connecting it to the Internet as a … Continue reading CEC – Driver Design Patterns and the Internet