Tips and Tricks – Creating Successful Firmware Resolutions for 2015

Early next year I will be posting a blog on EDN about new years resolution for the software development cycle.  The start of the new year provides an excellent opportunity to plan out improvements on how we will grow and become better programmers (and individuals) over the course of the next twelve months.  Unfortunately this is usually done by creating a quick ad-hoc list like the one shown below:

New Year's Resolution

These lists usually lead to failure in keeping the resolution simply because there is no defined consequence for failing to meet the new goal.  A more prudent approach would be to create a table with six columns.  These columns would identify the following:

1) Improvement Need

2) Specific Resolution to meet the improvement need

3) Result if successful

4) Consequence of failure to meet resolution

5) Time frame of the resolution

6) Actions to take

The main point is that a simple list doesn’t provide an individual with the a reminder of what we get out of the resolution, what the consequence is if we don’t find ourselves accountable for failing to meet our resolution and perhaps most importantly the actions that we need to start taking today to make sure that we are successful in the end.

With this in mind, what are you going to do next year to ensure that you grow as a programmer?

Have a Happy New Year!


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